The Bloody Boss


Lilith (Is that even her real name?) doesn’t spend a ton of time in the club. She pays good money to have capable people run it for a reason. She pops in every few nights to see how things are going, and she has very high standards. She demands only the best, and rarely accepts any excuses. Even from you, who lives a dual life. But she’s fair, and seems to have a keen sense of who is truly to blame for things.

Still, she’s not unpleasant company, sometimes. She enjoys her wealth and is flirty and indulgent—which the Duke likes. She has an interest in ghosts, but it’s rarely about what she can do for them, it’s about what they can do for her, and how she can profit from them—and she profits a lot. Her keystone is a small knife that she’s often idly toying with when not moving around.



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